is a company engaged in trading and supplying electric power.

We belong to the Polish group Unimot (www.unimot.pl), is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and operates in the market of fuels and energy from 2011.

The direct owner of Unimot Energy LLC is the Polish Tradea Sp z o.o.(www.tradea.pl), which carries out commercial activities and provides consulting services on the market of electric energy as part of the Unimot group.

Management and employees of Unimont Energy and Tradea have years of experience in the European electricity markets.

Our goal is

The main objectives of UNIMOT ENERGY are the partnership in the energy market and the elasticity of cooperation with our Customers. We believe in the development of Ukraine’s energy sector and  positive changes in the industry, therefore, WE WORK WITH ENERGY.

Individual approach

Personalized offer

Fruitful collaboration

    • For information, please contact:
    • 03038, Kyiv City
    • 4 Mykoly Hrinchenko Street, office 142
    • info@unimot-energy.com.ua
    • Contact numbers:
    • тел. +38 050 053 23 51
    • Hours of work:
    • Mo-Fr: 9:00 to 18:00
    • Sat-Sun: outbound